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Rabbi Roy Blight is the founding Rabbi, Pastor and/or Shepherd of Beit Mashiach Messianic Community.  Rabbi Roy has a long list of fellowships where he either pioneered, or helped get off the ground.  His ministry began in 1981 in Detroit, Michigan as the Minister of Evangelism at the Lawndale Church of God.  This Lawndale congregation started with 11 people and in 3 years grew to over 300.  A beautiful time of revival and renewal was the catalyst for this wonderful move of the Lord which accounted for its growth.

Rabbi Roy married Joy Ross on December 20, 1980.  He will tell you it’s the smartest and wisest move of his life.  Having also personally paid heed to the Lord’s call for him to enter into the ministry, Rabbi Roy completed his ministerial internship training in 1981.  This training planted the love for souls in him and gave him the vision to reach the lost for Messiah.  Just as important, perhaps even more important, Rabbi Roy was trained in the pioneering  of new fellowships from scratch.   This invaluable training, according to Rabbi Roy,  proved to be more than valuable over the years. 

Rabbi Roy has earned a Bachelor of Theology degree and a Master of Ministry degree from Bethany Theological Seminary  in Dothan, Alabama.  However, he  still credits the ‘hands on’ training of his early ministerial days as the most influential, and integral to his training. 

The Blight family moved from Michigan to south Florida in 1993.  In 1995 Rabbi Roy and Joy were introduced to Messianic Judaism and felt the call to reach the Jews in their culture ever since.  It was at this time that the hunger to learn of their Lord’s culture and Hebraic roots affected them greatly.  This revelation of God’s purpose and plan for the Jews and people of Israel opened their eyes to what they have today. 

In July of 2012, Rabbi Roy and Joy, along with 9 others felt lead of the Lord to begin the work we know today as Beit Mashiach.  In a short time we have seen what the Lord can do with a group of people who proclaim the Lordship of Yeshua over His house and who truly desire to worship Him and do His will.

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We are so happy you have visited our page and have taken the time to find out more about Beit Mashiach. Beit Mashiach's Leadership is hungry to serve Adonai by serving you and equipping you for the ministry. Please take time to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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